Why Brits Move Abroad

Over the last decade, more than a million British residents have sold their homes and moved abroad. Why has that happened? It’s a difficult question to answer. Most people look for a better quality of life, but that can’t be the only reason. 

Things should start to become a little more obvious after you increase your knowledge. Spain is one of the most popular countries for British ex-pats, and here’s why… 

The UK tends to experience dull and depressing weather for most of the year. Research has shown that people who live in better climates tend to experience a happier life. With that in mind, perhaps some people move to improve their outlook on the world? 

While the average property in Spain is not given away for free, most would agree that prices are far more reasonable than we’ve come to expect in the UK. 

At the end of the day, you just get more for your money. In a country where the average yearly wage is less than £30,000, you can see why some folks want to get a better deal. 

UK people are quite prone to worrying. That also take life incredibly seriously. For some folks, the laid back attitude and atmosphere in foreign countries is very appealing. While we all need to work and earn a wage, many foreign people eliminate the stress that often comes attached to that philosophy. 

While most people wait until later life, there is nothing stopping a person in their 20s from emigrating. So, perhaps you might like to start making plans?


Source RDT Abogados