Three Top Lifetime Experiences For Your Next Holiday

When you are planning a holiday with a difference, you may be looking for something with plenty of activities to keep you occupied. For some people, the thought of having nothing better to do than laze on a hot beach, is a real turn-off. More and more people are looking to stay active while on holiday, and to spend more time getting to know the places they are visiting. As we all tighten our belts, we want a holiday we can remember, full of experiences that will stay with us for a lifetime.

Natural phenomena sometimes have to be seen to be believed. We may see plenty of images and films about them, but we really need to be there and experience it. These sort of experiences really do turn a simple vacation into a holiday of a lifetime. We give you the top three natural sensations you must experience:

Niagara Falls – This is an incredible sight and makes an enormous sound. Three of the world’s biggest waterfalls provide one of North America’s most spectacular tourist hotspots. This area actually straddles the border between the US and Canada, and provides a fantastic day out for anyone visiting New York or Ontario. If you don your waterproofs, you can actually take a tour behind the falls and visit caves and observation points. When you are this close, you can really take in the atmosphere of this incredible place. You can even take a walk along the white waters, to help you feel the power of trillions of gallons of water rushing past. This exhilarating holiday experience is well worth a look in if you are travelling to the area.

Aurora Borealis – The Northern Lights never look the same twice, so this region could be visited over and over again for a new experience every time. Take a snowmobile safari or a snowshoe trek to maximise the activities you can do while gazing at this incredible phenomenon. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you could also take in some cross country skiing, with lessons, of course. Check out websites like The Aurora Zone for more details. Meet some huskies and take a sleigh ride, or even enjoy an excursion to a reindeer farm! Sweden has plenty to offer all year round, but the Northern Lights will leave you in absolute awe about how amazing our little planet can be.


Image source Flickr

Lake District – The UK boasts some of the most incredible landscapes in the world, but the Lake District in the north of England must surely top them all. There are so many lakes, villages and peaks in this area that you will never run out of views to see. This is definitely the holiday to take if you love walking and climbing, as some of the peaks and hills are particularly challenging. For water sports, the Lakes offer a wide variety, whether you like skis, boats or swimming. There are also some outstanding cycle treks for those who love to cover more ground. Whatever you do, don’t leave your camera behind, because you will be astounded by the beauty all around you, whichever direction you face.