Is Paris Still The City Of Romance?

These last couple of years have not been kind to Paris. First, we saw the terrorist attacks at Charlie Hebdo back at the beginning of 2015. And then at the end of 2015, we saw the terrible massacres at theatres and clubs around the city’s entertainment district. Add to that a backdrop of ongoing social tension, and there’s now a strong case for arguing that Paris may no longer be the romance capital of the world.

But has all this doom and gloom taken away the soul of the city? After all, all the of the important pieces are still in play. You can still take a cruise on the Seine, visit the Eiffel Tower and retreat to a cosy hotel room.

Thus, I’m going to make the case that, despite events over the last few years, Paris is still the most romantic city in the world. Here’s why.


You Can Have Your Own Romantic Adventure

Paris is a city that has been marred by cliched romantic activities: fine dining, visits to opera houses, wine tasting and so on. But that’s just a perception.

The truth is that in Paris you get to create your own romantic experiences. Couples don’t have to go through the same motions as everybody else. They can create their own experiences and do things that are unique. Perhaps you want to go for late night walks along the Seine. You can do that. Perhaps you want to dress up as pirates and go on make-believe adventures. You can do that too. Or maybe you’re just after an adventure in one of the city’s many art galleries. I say, go for it.

And that’s a great thing about Paris. It’s as varied as you want it to be. You can stay in a hotel, for example, or find vacation rentals in Paris. The choice is yours.

Public Displays Of Affection Are Encouraged

If there’s one thing that sets the French and the Anglo-American apart, it’s the attitude towards affection. Kissing in public in the US or Britain is viewed with disdain. It’s just not something that the culture either embraces or accepts.

In Paris, things couldn’t be more different. Displaying affection in public is actually something that is encouraged. There are even guides for the best kissing spots in town. And if you want, you can have your kiss made into a full framed photo by hiring a photographer to snap the perfect shot of your smooch.

The Backdrop Is Stunning

People often underestimate the power of the backdrop as a romantic setting. There is a world of difference between getting down in a car park in Wolverhampton and having a kiss on a winding street in front of a Gothic church.

The stunning setting in Paris will make you want to savour the moment and enjoy every minute of your stay.

The Food Is World Class

If there’s one thing that the French always do well, it’s the food. And Paris is home to some of the best restaurants in the world.

Having a romantic meal in Paris is easy. Not only is the food fantastic, but restaurant staff usually know when to leave you alone.