Fantastic Planning Tips For Organising A Group Holiday

The idea of having a group holiday all started because someone mentioned how fun it would be to get everyone together for a few days away. And, like everyone else you loved the idea – until you realised everyone expected you to put the whole thing together.

Planning a group vacation that everyone, including you, is happy with, may seem like a big challenge, and we won’t lie to you, it is a challenge. However, if you are organised, take the time to plan in advance and take on these smart tips, you should be just fine.

Get your trip planning right, and not only will you and your friends have a fantastic holiday – you will get major friendship points for organising such a fantastic trip.

Make a Facebook page for the trip

These days, most people are on Facebook – so take advantage of this and use it to make vacation planning a little easier for yourself.

Using Facebook allows you to get everyone involved in the trip planning and makes it easier for you to keep everyone updated on your planning. Instead of having to send out individual emails, texts or phone calls, you can simply post updates on the Facebook page.


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Don’t make all the decisions yourself

Okay, so you might be planning the trip, but remember, you need to plan a vacation that everyone is happy with.

The first thing you need to do is find out how much each person or couple is willing to spend – you could always pop a post on the group facebook page about this. Perhaps you could post two different price brackets, such as £200 – £400 and £500 – £700, and see which one is most suitable.

Once you know how much you have to work with, you can then start thinking about where you will go and what type of accommodation would be best. Find three locations that fit your price range and post them to the Facebook page, ask each person to select their first choice of destination. The destination with the most votes wins – this is a simple way to avoid arguments about where you will go. You can also do the same thing for the type of accommodation you want, such as a hotel or private villa.

Think about the travel arrangements

One of the trickiest parts of organising a group vacation can be organising the travel arrangements. Instead of all travelling separately, the best thing to do is organise a form of group transport for everyone. Perhaps you could all meet in a central location and go from there?

If you are travelling to somewhere within the country then hiring a minibus or getting a train is probably your best bet. If you are heading to another country, then you will either need to get a ferry or plane to get there. Instead of booking tickets on a regular plane, why not look into Stratos jet charters? Hiring a private jet is ideal for group holidays, as it makes getting everyone on one plane much simpler.

Keep an eye out for deals

Even though you have a set price range, don’t be afraid to look for a deal. Sometimes holiday deals have amazing benefits and are fantastic for group holidays.

Keep an eye out online and in your local travel agents for any amazing holiday deals. Some of the best deals are the all-inclusive ones.