Best Holiday In The UK? Check Out This Top 6

If you are looking for a holiday in the UK this year, there are so many choices they couldn’t all possibly be included in one article. The UK may be a bit pricey, and the weather may be a bit iffy, but the holidays you can take here just cannot be replicated anywhere else. Whether it’s the extraordinary variety of landscapes, or the incredible mix of local traditions, Britain really is Great for a holiday of a lifetime. We give you just six of the best places you can find and things to do here:

  1. Road Trip: Like anywhere, you may find the odd traffic jam, but you’ll also find roads across landscapes like nowhere else. You’re not likely to find a bad services area either, with food and rest facilities and the all-important free wi-fi. Hire a camper van to really make the most of travelling along the coast roads, across the Pennines, or from Lands End to John O’Groats!


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  1. City Hotel: After all the buzz of the Olympics, people are still returning to London every year. It is impossible to see everything in just one holiday. Choose from West End shows, to South Bank strolls. Tour the world’s best restaurants or maybe even visit Harrods for some shopping and celebrity spotting all from the centre of the action.
  2. Caravanning: A firm family favourite for ages, and one you just have to do again and again. Pick one in the stunning landscape with plenty of activities, like Corriefodly caravan park. You can even buy a static caravan to use as much as you like if you do want to return. All that fresh air will have you sleeping like a baby. You can choose the degree of comfort you stay in from all-out luxury to something a little more modest. Most static caravans are set up exactly as you would live at home with kitchens, bathrooms and comfy beds.
  3. Camping: Camping in the Lake District really does put you in the middle of nowhere, but what an incredible nowhere. While you are here, you must take on some of the famous Wainwright Walks. Enjoy all the waters have to offer as well, with boat tours and kayaking. There are even opportunities for climbing, so this is certainly a great holiday for those who love all the outdoors has to offer.
  4. Cycling: Choose city cycling or a biking tour. The UK also has some of the best world-class mountain biking tracks on offer too. It is possible to create your own tours, but having a guided tour means you also have access to some of the best local knowledge around. For a holiday where there is no fear of gaining those holiday pounds, this is definitely the one for you!
  5. Canal Boat: For a complete change in pace, cruising down Britain’s extensive canals on a barge, or canal boat really does achieve relaxation. Enjoy weirs and gates, and tea up on deck as you gently coast along through beautiful countryside. Sleep on board to enjoy all this holiday has to offer, plus some great home-cooked food from your host.