4 Of The Most Exciting Things To Do On A UK Road Trip

The United Kingdom has to be one of the most diverse places in the world. Within the borders of this compact country, each city, town and village landscape is very different from the next. This is the main reason the UK is such a popular road trip destination for both international and British travellers. From white cliffed coastlines to green rolling hills and quaint cobbled alleyways to contemporary high streets; there’s never a dull moment. On a road trip in the UK, there are a number of exciting things we would highly recommend you do during your journey. Here are just a few of them:

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1. Visit one of the world’s most exciting and fashionable cities

London has no shortage of interesting and fun sights and attractions. No matter what kind of traveller you are, you will find plenty of things that suit your interests. Popular attractions include the London Eye, Big Ben and the Tower of London. The city is also home to a huge number of impressive museums and art galleries that are well worth a visit. If you want to stay away from the major tourist traps, take a trip to one of the many colourful food or fashion markets.

The nightlife in the Big Smoke is top-notch. Take your pick from a traditional English pub, a world-famous nightclub, an underground speakeasy or a theatre show.

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2. Laugh your socks off

If you are travelling to or around Scotland in August, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe should not be missed! Part of one of the largest arts and cultural festivals in the world, the Fringe attracts many popular comedians from around the globe. For the entire month of August,  the city turns into a huge party with over 250 venues, late night licenses for bars and restaurants and an impressive fireworks display on the closing night.

There also a wide range of exhibitions, musicals, operas and other events which take place during the festival. If you are travelling on a shoestring, you don’t have to miss out. Last year the Fringe had over 600 free shows.

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3. Be beside the seaside

A seaside break may not be the first thing you think of planning a trip around the UK. However, this country has a great choice of amazing beaches where you can take part in some exciting activities. For a quintessential British seaside day out, enjoy some fish and chips while sitting in a striped deck chair on Blackpool beach. This coastal city has many exciting attractions to offer including the UK’s most famous amusement park. Finish of your fun-filled day in this city by picking from one of the many shows in Blackpool.

There are also a number of natural and dramatic beaches throughout the country, such as in Newquay, where you can take part in exciting sports such as surfing and sea kayaking.

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4. Visit a prehistoric structure

A stop off at Stonehenge is a must for any UK road trip. Shrouded in mystery, theorists to this day fail to agree on why this stone circle was created and when. Try to time your visit to Stonehenge with the summer solstice as, at this time, thousands of revellers gather the stone structure for a good old party.

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